Is a traditional and therapeutic way of oil anointment, wherein the Oil is carefully chosen by the ayurvedic physician according to the body constitution of each individual (Body constitution is unique for each and every individual).

Is a sought after procedure in rejuvenation and for retaining the muscular tone of one’s body. Helps in preventing scaling and wrinkle formation; decelerates ageing process of an individual, serves as a muscle relaxant and analgesic, improves resistance and tone of the musculature, helps reduce joint stiffness/pain. Accelerates recovery from fatigue, Alleviates conditions like Spondylosis, sleep disorders, and hastens paralytic recuperation, and of course imparts general well being.

Medium: Medicated Herbal Oil
Duration: 45 Mins- £40

                    60 Mins -  £45,

                    Partial/ Part Body, 30 mins - £30