Swedana (Fomentation, Sauna)

Swedana (Fomentation, Sauna), is simply a procedure used to induce sweating. Charaka eloquently taells us that swedana is “whatever relieves stiffness, heaviness, and cold in the body and produces sweat” (CS Su.22/11. It opens up the pores and rids the body of impurities through the sweat glands.

There are two principal ways of inducing the sweat People who do not practice ayurveda may also take advantage of swedana treatments, believing that they have health and beauty benefits.

Depending on the case, swedana may involve the entire body, or the treatment may involve only a very specific part of the body, and the duration of the treatment can vary.

In Ayurveda, the larger purpose of swedana is to relieve excess doshas from the body – one of three bodily humors that make up one’s constitution – establishing a state of balance that promotes general health.

Duration: 10, 15 - 30 min (depending on the condition) - £20